gramble yards & giblette songs

spank yourself, and drain your ears. new collection of unreleased exclusive and reclusive songs, dug up from old demos, and aborted projects, as well as brand new sound and song!

"dark wet line" - nutrition fun
"often a bridesmaid, never a bride..." - mike allison
"this time" - razors
"ode to charolette smith 1749-1806" - the debts
"sick chef / to be worried about" - chauchat
"couch song" - joe kile
"reverse midas" - l. eugene methe
"cowards" - ed rooney
"interchanges" - john thill
"corridor blues" - spirit duplicator
"110 blues" - david kenneth nance

"red robin" - gang wizard
"boy destroyer" - nathan ma
"muminchanz" - the billy crosbys
"you aint goin nowhere" - zach la grou
"i am the hellhound blues" - i am the lake of fire
"pen name" - rake kash
"morning light (early evening demo)" - the dirt naps
"***" - the dad
"from drill" - seadrill
"wallow / blue shadow" - charlie mcalister