david kenneth nance - "half assed for posterity"

third cassette release from david kenneth nance - and the followup to last years grand grapefruit records club LP. i believe this is the first collection of songs to be written and recorded entirely after davids departure from the long lonesome plains to the gut rocket sprawl of los angeles. the whole is as angular as a city street, and this sucker wails, careens, and at times blisters like a car crash on wet pavement...songs tend to grow and grow as does ones heart, until total collapse and eventual death (all this is revealed by carefully selected ending cover song?) reeling in for domination. originally released in a slightly different (and limited) version as "optimistic martyr #1" - now in unlimited unread edition. includes digital download.

"figueroa street fever"
"jennifers eyes"
"second cigarette of the day"

"shakey mama"
"hopes for jokes"
"perpetuas child"
"big black car" (written by alex chilton)