john thill - "ghost grove"

john thill commands us to listen, and wont stop until his song hangs high in the stratosphere and rains down and washes the drugs from the streets which will flow downstream and into the viaducts to sink the oncoming army. thill has released countless cassettes over the past dozen years, as well as small run seven inches and even a collection of "greatest hits" (shrimper/folktale) - and while most thill releases have swelled in theme and form "ghost grove" seems to run a different course. while the typical stories of drug use and california wastelands are present - the spastic acoustic hum-strum performance is dropped from time to time to reveal human sides, both good and evil. from what sometimes seems to be demonic possession to tracks that would make jonathan richman wear his boots into the shower. includes digital download.

"day at disneyland"
"young, dumb, drugs"
"parking lot"
"sword of fire"

"loud birds"
"in the valley"
"emperor of a quarter and a half"
"july 4, riverside"
"ghost grove"