poisoned wine : compilation from the 19th year of unread : compilation

graveyard spectacle - we were all dead once, and done came back alive - with gusto and meat and cane sugar and solid hits and such. JUNKFEST #19 recorded and spilled into your ears by c. mcalister and celie dailey...no downloads available. all purchases go towards furthering SPEW GEYSER video project : "sub-underground eruption"

"opening ceremonies"
"furniture huchle"
"david kenneth nance"
"charlie maclaister w/ furniture huchle"
"william wesley & the tiny sockets"
"i am the lake of fire"
"simon joyner"
"spirit duplicator"
"nathan ma"
"wess hess"

"church of gravitron"
"spirit duplicator"
"nathan ma / simon joyner / david kenneth nance"
"furniture huschle"
"i am the lake of fire"
"william wesley & the tiny sockets"
"charlie mcalister"
"the debts"