razors / nathan ma : "cat with boy destroyer"
[split cassette]

nathan ma - one of the best "front mans" from way behind the drums, leaps away from his usual pop/rock/gut writing for the fabulous places we slept and goes it solo, kicking your dick in with pure joy and unabashed twee form brilliance. nathan may not even have been born the sort of mash that he has leaping out of his veins even was a damn thing or whatever. you get 6 near perfect songs from him, the middle of which may be the most brutally honest, and nearest to tears this man here has gotten in many years.
razors - is the one and only alec, (see : the dad / hossflesh) and he once again knocks the songs out of the socks, and bleets out some of the best perfect hook-line-and-sinker stuff you have never heard. beautiful male / female vocal pop thats so NOT slimy is rough and so NOT rough its condemned on oxcide! this sucker is the new deal! includes digital download, i guess.

"cat with"
"elephant ; very slow"
"so important"
"clear eyes ; treading on ; spider for paul"
"but space"

"boy destroyer"
"she falls down"
"my kingdom"
"to late to apologize"
"there she goes"
"high on the sun"