chauchat : "wreckage"

chauchat is the long running moniker of one "tyler whitney" - always traveling onward and about, this project continually ebbs and a winded wick. we see here in this newest collection, a varied and brilliant, yet obtuse group of recordings. obtuse in the way of that - you may take your imagination of what you thought, the follow up to the last few albums in your brains just may be...yet...oh no - no, what you get on this small cassette is a clutter, a clutter of everything all wrong and right. a mysterious and vivid time primer maybe??? a brilliant lapse in the keel. imagery in its finest accord...but in a way, yet always, a semi map-quest. it breaks and there are snippets of real time, of heat and misery, or numb rock, and of eaten insides. you could swear you hear even your own blood pumping in this...wrecking, and clotting all the while. includes digital download.

"organ trap"
"run like buisness"
"lesser of two evils"
"scraped out"
"thanks for the jails"
"hit by a train"

"feel like falling down"
"note from cricket"
"tears cry tears"
"sorry in the daylight"
"baby dodge ram"
"god, underachiever


Being pulled in all directions by an album is what makes for compelling re-listens. Chauchat is such a rare find, unafraid to blend an acoustic pop song into longer, looping sound collages that have little in common beyond the creator of said melodic plays. It unfolds like a Facebook meme where faceless individuals hold up signs prophetically declaring you should drop everything and do what you love, no matter the consequences. Itís likely those same people would have ejected Chauchatís tape at the first electronic tear of ďOrgan Trap.Ē There is something to be said for abandoning doubt and embracing dreams, also know that the grind of pushing through an obstacle not of your own choosing has its rewards. To those of you who change your dreams to run away from the inevitable, Chauchat is not your savior. Wreckage will test your patience and make you wonder what is truly distinguishable between pop music and avant-garde experimentation. Itís likely a bigger gap than most of us would care to admit but in that abysmal silence, Chauchat fills the void with the broken promises and shattered dreams of those unwilling to see anything through. A meme is no more a motivational cause than the actual pursuit of a purposeful life. Wreckage is purposeful music. - TINY MIX TAPES