songs from a door : volume #2

2010-2011 or so, saw the release of a bizarre and (in my book, highly overlooked) compilation that came to me in some sort of dream or fever vision. door songs, doorknob-core. bolts and latch. etc. the heft stepped to the plate and contributed to some serious door song action, though a few chimed in just after the deadline. now 3 or 4 years later we finally see the release of volume #2 - collecting some of the churn from years ago, as well as fresh new takes on songs constructed solely from voice and door(s) - well worth the wait! only place to find these songs from these fine folks!

fucking around in the kitchen (excerpt)
justin rhody - "opening and closing the doors of conception, mostly closing"
wckr spgt - "i wanna be a door"
mwchins - "port"
fucking around in the kitchen (excerpt)
spirit duplicator - "garage doors re-revisited"
ryan mckeever - "error cycle"

chauchat - "praying for a raid"
fucking around in the kitchen (excerpt)
gladhands - "micromanaged"
bad trails - "door"
charlie mcalister - "style & flare"
restaurnaut - "trading binkies"
ed rooney - "cassette door funeral dirges"