wckr spgt : "top down"
[cassette e.p.]

special visions continue to pour out of claremont, ca - the epic and somewhat legendary wckr spgt delivers a new 5 song cassette e.p. hot on the heels of their latest release "motorboat the woe" : wckr spgt is unconventional group of seasoned artists that have been releasing cassettes / records / cds / whathaveyou since the early-mid 1980s. the music is often quirky with a conventional sense of humour, but from release to release anything can happen. performances have included rock operas, and they have even built themselves into an 8x8 foot box live on stage. previous output can be mapped to home-fi califonia labels such as shrimper and jupa - but the reach stretches far and wide. this cassette features four new songs by wckr spgt, and one from alice coopers 1980s album "flush the fashion" : first edition of tapes are pro dubbed and stamped in an edition of 100. comes with digital download.

"top down"
"california couple"
"damn it, your holding me back"