plundershop - "slam dunk silhouette"

plundershop is one brantley fletcher. a south carolina songwriter, who has not had his dues enuff. unread and brantley have been in contact over the course of the best years, lots of written missives, and tapes traded. the only unread output from plundershop has come from the HIGHLY overlooked, or underlooked "FILM STRIP SLIP" on an old unread comp "white shirts=stains" - - its a breaker. tear jerker sorta affair, and as much as i have been grained into the plundershop song, the belt has been loosened and tightened from both perspectives over the tenure. i for one am happy to present some "new" material from the depths to hurk and hope to jerk up your real soul. this cassette is a precursor of events to come. recorded 2006-2008 - plundershop has always been writing. so beware of future releases - - hear it here first, and always remember. possible old plundershop cassettes may be found at flaming biscuit records...if you can find them. the search is part of the fun. this cassette comes with color covers, and digital download.

"all drinkers are masochists"
"your kisses are whishes, bitches"
"china closet"

"get behind korea"
"elegy for nick fletcher"
"bells and bees"