wham-o : "confused over explosions and implosions"

this is the official "return" of wham-o. 11 new songs spilled out in 25 or so minutes. in the early to mid 1990s i was baffled and intrigued by a lot of things. one of which was the disturbed and highly addictive union pole label, churning out all kinda of free-form / lo-fi spectical / mush vision in the highest order. run (and still kickin in digi-age form!) by one mr. jeff fuccillo - released many a burning green slabs and cassettes of his own creation under the wham-o title. the formulas were barren and spontaneous, most of the time warming up hot dish after hot dish of acoustic solo guitar spazz confusion and still leaving ya with enough want for desert. wham-o released many a tape and record for union pole as well as labels such as : bobby j / giardia / bentley welcomes careful drivers / etc. then seemed to evaporate. i had been in touch over the years about possible new recordings...and there was some talks of field recording projects and such, but they never did pan out. now, here is a new offering. a somber and (what i assume) semi-reflective approach harkens up old strings on new elements, and blurts and whispers new songs in an almost religious experience. these stabs seem to avoid hitting the main artery of demise, and instead bleed you out slow and controlled. it is with great pleasure. includes digital download.

"my cross"
"smoking the astronauts"

"in d (conrad/faust)"