the subtropics - "music for the midwest"
[2 x cassette]

the sun is setting, on our holiday...the ocean waves goodbye. goodbye my love, goodbye...THE SUBTROPICS, you will not know. not now anyhow. though you should. i would divulge some secrets, but it seems the members dont wanna me too. which i find both endearing, and obtuse. this huge collection of song, taunts dylans sprockets and song book, has heavy white album curbs from time to time, and lifts pop-rock spectacle to a world in which it should be, and was, at some point. all the while becoming its own distinct thing. the singer-songwriter stays put, and lets everything evaporate around em half fold. true to earth country, folk-ish strum, fried rock, etc. etc. all bundled in some sort of time warp odd concept of sorts as it being "tropical" - though i think its all in their minds. see here there, slap-dashery tin pan type songs worthy of a nickle or three, ala kinks-era concept records and such. it really goes from haunting misery to sun bleached concrete porch and back again in the matter of a hour or two. truthfully - one of the best releases i have had the pleasure of releasing into the world. i hope you agree. all words seem unfitting, so you will have to take my unfitted typed text for it.



So many best of 2014 list out this month.... Not seeing The Subtropics double cassette released September-ish of last year. To be completely correct with internet search returns, i did find Music For The Midwest noted on the Nebraska native site The feature is titled Favorite Nebraska Albums of 2014.
So here is my list for 2014
1. The Subtropics - Music For The Midwest
That is it. There are other great albums i listened to, but this list is to some how partially make amends for the Music For The Midwest slipping through the sound cracks on so many prestigious list out there on the internet. Ironically, i would bet The Subtropics do not care and Unread Records will keep churning out vibrant unheard of artists and not even twitch. For me, i do care for what it is worth and wanted to send some love to the band and the label.
Music For The Midwest is a low-fi listen into fascination and wonder. The sound circles all of the way back revolving around the spectrum. This includes retro sing a longs, ageless rock, playfulness, heartfelt solos, quiet get togethers, darkness, feedback and noise. Describing the diversity of the double cassette would involve examining each track. Even if i tried, i still would be inept at properly doing this. So my description consist of only what i can compare this to. Reminding me of Dukes of Stratosphere bumping into the Monkeys and being run down by Velvet Underground. The whole lot of them are thrown into a specially designed concrete mixer created by Sebedoh and Tonstartssbandht and poured out over an hour to harden in the space between your ears. The multifariousness of all twenty four tracks does not stray as far to cause mayhem. Songs like "Under the Mango Tree" parts one, two and three is a good example of cohesion throughout the double tape. Another is "Hollywood Lights" on side A and "If It Makes You Feel Alright" on side D. Both garage pop surprises. My favorites have changed with each listen, so naming them is kind of pointless.
Unread Records & Tapes catalogs this one at #159. This label is truly pioneering how to showcase artists existing in a dimension without radar. All of the while, moving forward with creativity, playfully jumping back and forth over the track out ahead of the ensuing masses.
If you like good music..... you should definitely give this a listen. - LOST IN A SEA OF SOUND