dennis callaci / the debts
[split lp]

glad to say the world did not burn, and thus after a long wait hands can finally grasp onto this new split lp which soaks in spirit and musk. dennis callaci, who you have shared a nod or two with (even if you didnt know it) conjures the song with his seemingly simple and effervescent style and structure. a true father of home-tape sensibilities and process, dennis has recorded near 3 decades both in solo settings and as a member of refrigerator (as well as collaborations with simon joyner, john davis and others) the songs presented run the gamut - performing solo in his living room, live to one track. its all stark and sincere, high poetry muddled with semi-train-of-thought word spill, which is all surrounded in an atmosphere that the grooves capture perfectly. be it slight strums, or concussion drum effects, the stakes are high.
the debts follow up four (!) previous unread releases with a hefty bag of song. blackened and withering and half torn, yet oozing with sincerity. snippets of sound and sample run alongside overblown strum and bottomless drum. praise. heart. honesty. all captured into the magnetic guts of late afternoon and early morning rumble. its a piece of raw meat skewered on a rib bone. awaiting flame. its two sides. same coin.
limited to 300 copies in hand screened / stamped sleeves and co-released with shrimper records. also includes digital download.

dennis callaci
1. ring for help
2. no me
3. blackened lagoon
4. scraps
5. fly paper amazing grace
the debts
1. epilogue opening
2. circle dance
3. sheltered - chapters 1 & 2
4. for marge and/or heaven calls