razors - "besides"

OH OH! the civilians left the nursery. noone was left but species. razors consists of songs pounded out by one alec. he was one of the songwriters, in one of so many bands. (ie : hossflesh / the dad / etc) i dont even know what the razors mean to be, but i will tell you, this one is some spastic jerkey mess full of charm and hurt. energy flows down hill and into your gut. ridden with flies and old stale ketchup. so old it turned all plasticky. so scrape it off, listen close and become bewildered all over again. 16 songs to catch your breath with. includes digital download too. gotta go make some polish soup.

"rummaging through; east coast girl; singing pulse; order of things; remembered you; snow day song; degrades me; august of"

"social fly; robot turns on; to go; california was; truth man; as pure as; your mirror; like a newborn king"