mean spirit'd robots - "his armies is humming"

a 20th yeared anniversary of the 1996ish catsup plate cassette - this cassette originates the specter that was and is alot of what unread, as an empty entity has engulfed up over the years. true to life, realized, and bewildered home-fi cassette release of solid gem stone. one of the best mid 90s cassettes to have been delved unto and onto various writers desks, and low budget magazines alike. the mean spirit'd robots have existed in a lumbar like akimbo-limbo all along, and only offer scattered compilation appearances (as well as an e.p. and a half) besides this - the only full length caught up onto tape. take it in, and enjoy the true ideas of solitude and freedom. all at the same time. robots and crack. RE: YR LOVE. ETC> ETC> ETC>...

1. luke (fetch the needle nose pliers)
2. that aquaman
3. monster on the water
4. you punched me in the belly
5. 42 empty seats
6. atlanta
7. a robot will kill you
8. solenoid baby (thwack!)
9. your van

1. it's always dark in my car
2. lost it but not going to sweat it
3. so cool when yr tired
4. roadkill
5. lint-trap
6. dry
7. dreaming of el toro
8. you'll see little birdies