noah sterba - "the 12-bar blues"

here we are. in putty, puttying. as all moves are slow, let me tell ya about a thing or twelve. this new, knew? material comprised from one of the earths hard chewers listens up good. taking aim, and shooting the arrow forward, noah seems to lace his weld torch with booze soaked and smoked dylan-esque word world war, chin chin (the mans man) does say : "pack it" as he burns his hand steam on hot air and hot plastic. yeah, some of this akins mr. chin, but the real stomp and guts flow from a tank yet un-dulged. this product comes in 3 color screened sleeve, first edition of 100, with download code, with 40 page book of horse quote. ($8)

"the 12-bar blues"
"too far gone"
"hes all mine *"
"the new testament"
"lady madonna aint my friend"
"black waters"

"what was left behind"
"the old yew tree"
"leaves of home"
"violin eyes"
"i cant help but wonder where im bound **"