furniture three - "ballad tsar (i am the)"

joel huschle was forced to create a record of "ballads" - and thus he delivers, chock full of story song, aching from the future-past he does envision. the furniture line-up gears different on this storm. electronic drum beat sporadically measures up some serious guitar and bass envelopment, all the while with huschles (occasionally) calm and cool ballad spew and sound checks re-reverberating atop. there is an accapella measure or two, but mostly this rounds up like a horse stomping on the checkout scale. A TON OF GREAT. first edition of 100 in screened covers, includes digital download.

"turnabout is fair play"
"youre killing me"
"always love now (ridgway mix)"
"the tanner willaims incubation party"
"ancient keepers of time"
"cross to bear"
"carnal procurement"
"agave standards"
"the horse aint alive"
"ropes (a ballad)"
"egyptian yearnings"
"the lichening"
"the deli sandwich and the baking teen"
"ballad tsar (i am the)"
"always love now"
"love go bad (dont let this)"
"western words (im using)"
"south towne avenue"
"dustbowl sensibilities"
"lol oh well"