wckr spgt - "stephen plummer presents his favorite wckr spgt songs"

some donkey out in ireland thinks he knows the great and powerful WCKR SPGT and compiles a tape of his favs. it comes off pretty good, mixing together various cuts from over the years of seven inches / full lengths & compilations. the output is pretty great, just like the viscous blood that lies in the sand of them california crackers. i woulda picekd some different songs, but thats the beauty of wckr spgt! go seek! includes digital download and liner notes from bob durkee, if the copy is legible.

side one : flinch mob / the caring song / fortune came today / cream / i hate you and your mom / where did i stop? / destination rome / as time passes by / win a prize / circle k / candy anne / dragonfly / francis mitterand / i go to pieces over you

side two : indie fatigue / marriage at 30,000 feet / everybodys dead (oh no) / shes a wire / bump / freud was right / international church of pancakes / eight track tapes and pick up sticks / how did you meet them? / some folks / rock me gently / i drink water like a dog