geroge willard - "lost"

george willard is the unsung hero of the 80s & 90s. i know, you dont believe me, but i dont care if you do or if you got a muffin tin for brains. one of the founders of NUT MUSIC, a influential label to this growing old buttkiss, george and company could do no wrong, in any book. sure - its slack-lazical / off-hort bummer stuff (on occasion), but the lyrics and heart and industrial folk (term: circa 95?) shines through hard. and as hard as an avocados pit is, we team up with willard to release his (last?) batch of "LOST" song. compiled from unheard, unreleased, and sporadic compilation tracks. a new brew! hope you meel down on chompers! includes digital download & liner notes from david craig.

1. from one circus to another
2. helicopter
3. she's found a new bob
4. nearsighted lament
5. right now
6. out on the avenue
7. the mental health song (live)
8. moms going to hell

1. take your life
2. maybe
3. tomorrow means never
4. the sea is indifferent
5. lonely devil blues
6. real estate lust (live)
7. steakhouse lament