plundershop - "lorain palace"

the latest epic plundershop cassette which should be spinning on every tape deck and wailing through every computer speaker on the planet. 60 minute affair that begins with an epic 15 minute piece of sprawling digital dust and crackle. a beautifully deconstructed song which has you standing at attention right out of the gate. over the course of the next seven songs you get hazy bummer jams, upbeat spectacle and pure pop bliss. brantley fletcher and flaming biscuit records should be on your radar by now. if its not, get with it! includes digital download.

"yellowed submarine"
"the sporting life"
"down to the camp"

"nu grove"
"the water supply"
"old glee club"
"carol garland"
"bunny june"


Unforgetable rainforest dripping odd body glowing/growing over building skin graphs glaring suicide quest centuries behind daily mud capsuel consumption... Expiration in eternity was perhaps someone in the bone attic with gigantic textures floating into dashboard memorials. Baroque dinner with magic pharmacy seperating lip from tooth smiling luxury duck, duck noose...
This is such an amazing fucking release from Plundershop on the legendary label Unread. Its polluted with dynamic breath breathing notebook wisdom someplace forbidden. A galaxy of xerox mega random intensities, cutting edge fist fights, and black, and white nonrefills steaming in chemical tank. (In other words a fucking twitching eye that reflectes childhood memories that registers like throat smoke deep down in the warm soil sprouting a headless dog that once played with you, enjoying your strange energy.)
Durable souls reaching out with forever frozen transformations youll never understand... From soft feather, to a cold blade Plundershop has achieved the services of primitive truth, and its captivating art. - WE KEEP THE NEIGHBORS UP