caleb fraid - "make hay at nite"

the real deal caleb fraid returns to form to junken up a texass storm. its been awhile on unread. one of our favorites kinda went non-postal for a decade. the aftermath of cherry cola and chicken sandwiches has deemed caleb totally stable, and he releases utmost song chunked out of his fillings. quite snare beat, strummed guitar and tar type stuffs expel your loose goose waning and wanting and hurting and folding. get folded as the sound becomes your song. limited first edition of 100 in screened covers, with liners and drawings.

1. mother 1974
2. my heart is a paved road
3. best coast cover
4. people are just
5. you're wrong
6. that's not love
7. kelley at the bank
8. nice deal

1. root beer & hershey bar
2. ain't no saint
3. that's no secret
4. i outlived albert camus
5. blue moon
6. i like baseball
7. come knocking
8. you can only control you
9. birdy gulps