restaurnaut - "satans leg hairs"

california resident nick dolezals "restaurnaut" project has been running on and off the rails for quite some time now. his style is dubbed "horse music" or so i have been told. still need to ask about that inside joke...regardless, this new cassette has been in the works for quite some time, and is a journey any fan of slightly skewed folkish strum and sound and story should hitch their wagon to firmly. utilizing a cornucopia of odd instrumentation and ramshackle percussion, restaurnaut speeds through 17 deconstructed pop bits and emerges in the winning teams locker room. first edition of 100 come in multi-colored screened sleeves with insert and digital download.

"glub glub"
"big bruise"
"party hole (pt. 1)"
"interlude (pt.1)"
"all curled up into sixes"
"interlude (pt.2)"
"buffalo dream"

"empty houses"
"rat ship sei"
"the modern world"
"the universe is expanding"
"party hole (pt. 2)"
"i didnt know i was the devil"


There is sometimes realistic relief to the jet black maniac that sits on your shoulders during the tight attachments of strangers with choices, forcing radio labotomy on your favorite satellite cousin, drooling soft t.v. syrup, revealing satisfied truths about acne pushers, and soft drink specialists, but somehow effective enough to damage this elaborate moment in which Romeo had an addiction to his very own silvery bullet tears...
Automatic messages challenging stomach qualities, weird liquid bath debris floating through, and through some roaring stepdad trying. This release is full of rebellious tongues speaking anthology gun blast laughter and awkward engine diet, fuck Nick what a language man!
Nick Dolezal (Restaurant, and KERCHOW RECORDS) is totally a brother! We love everything he does, and releases. Kerchow Records is one of the reasons 'We Keep The Neighbors Up' even started. Nick, rad release man! Unread records, and Christopher Fischer you guys have something very special! - WE KEEP THE NEIGHBORS UP