jerk - "cassus belli"

jerk is the name of a mysterious long running 4-track / home recording project via mysterious Oregonian musician, chadwick, who over the years has contributed to countless projects and who has also run various tape / record labels. unread first became aware of jerk in the mid 90s when we scored a pretty sweet and obtuse lp, on the aptly titled "junkpuncher" label. it was all shrouded in lo-fidelity scrapes with death and anti-songwriting...those days came and went, and i was glad to happen upon the jerk himself 15 or so years later, and also glad to know that the "jerk sound" never left said composer. this new collection of song feels right at home while sitting in a field of bramble with 30,000 grasshoppers. its chock full of broken blues, disjointed sound, overlapping speech and oddity, meandering compositions with musical cursed charms that grind stone and bone to dust. hear your heart from the outside in. includes digital download.

"s'ess us eh lop" / "timesess" / "17717" / "telemach"
"cleanse y'se'f (return of bathman)" / "je joue la" / "el maves" /"twelber moond"

"aiop" / "glank" / "stinkitty piggy" / "the wrong" / "i've strains eye trains iced rains"
"find kyer" / "blueettes" / "straims" / "don't you find?" / "1-2-4"
"stummbblinggrv" / "cassus belli"