das torpedoes / rake kash
[split seven inch lathe cut]

two members of the defunct (?) NATURALISTE outfit give polar opposite new tracks in the form of this short E.P. lathe cut. DAS TORPEDOES released many a tape back in the early 2000s which captured a minimalist outlook on sound collage and drone dynamics. be it single punched piano key or a warm wash of hummm, it was always excellent and thought provoking. these two short pieces are no exception, in which slightly augmented field recordings from china take on a new life. RAKE KASH hails from omaha, and have slowly been leaking output into the world over the past few years. a few recordings on animal disguise, as well as a one sided LP on cathonic (and a tape on this here label as well!) - L.E. METHE shows another side of his creative pursuit, which at times seems to capture his love of the more romantic composition. the two tracks here scurry from the usual affair and spark more then they do lull. two fake jazz-ish funk-ish what-do-you-call-its, to blend your charcoals with. limited to 40 copies with 16 page booklete of photos, drawings & collage, complete with heavy screened sleeves. co-released with GERTRUDE TAPES. ($10) includes digital download.

das torpedoes
1. 3 granovsky uliea
2. morfiy

rake kash
1. hoskins
2. danube reflections