jason morphew - "nobody knows : live on WNYU, aug. 1st 1997"

jason morphew is unsung songwriter and poet living in LA. he has released many a cassettes, cds, and digital files since 1989. this is the first in what we hope to be a series of collected and un-boxed songs spanning them many years. immaculate live set taken from soundboard of sparse acoustic guitar and voice, which hits home and leaves the listener waving at the sea. jasons use of imagery encompasses the sea foam up into the outer limits, as we wave a full hand of finger - nobody knows?

"intro / we're desperadoes"
"two sparrows in a hurricane"
"the love you save"
"marry the moon"

"whenever a teenager cries"
"funny moon"
"nobody knows"
"kisses on my neck"
"keep the fun coming"
"outro / we don't talk anymore"