razors - "live at the laboratory"

we have seen more than a few releases from the razors by this time, my friends. and what do we know? not much. not much. an ever going project born out of omaha basement punk and puke...alek e : enlisting the help of one and all, and creating some of the best pure pop goop out there. former huncho of (other unread band types) the dad, hossflesh, subtropics, simon joyner, the list goes on and on. "live in the laboratory" is divided into three parts...a group of new pop ooze sing-song that follows a traditional razors path - into - a rash of fevered short snippet hits and confusion. 1 min songer masterpieces that flush the rotten swill from your gum line, into a 30 min side long banger blast of improv. group melancholia that forces the erosion back into your skull. it is something to behold. the sound delves in and out of old world pick and strum and mixes hard with both simplicity and complexity all at the same time. its a confusing and pleasant offering that feels akin to tuning in the old shortwave while driving the semi straight into the pacific. first edition of 100 copies comes in 2 color screened sleeve with insert / lyrics sheet. also includes digital download. grab it!

awkward hits; path is a dance; lua de sangue
shadow man; to suffer; be alone
today; the vehicle; loud love; questions; world behind blues; the camera; optimism; he will wake; februaury; when it's convenient; to know; take a nap pt. 1

take a nap pt. 2