will simmons & the upholsterers : "bewitched"

after quite a long delay here is the new long play e.p. which rocks and stomps its way through eleven new tasty cake cuts. the upholsterers bridge musical gaps to bring you everything from barrel hause polka to low down jive bar rock, all the while smattering keyboard laden pop throughout. simmons is a vet when it comes to guitar drive and hook, and there is no shortage of that on "bewitched" - - the last album was reviewed and compared to the spin doctors. i dont know where that journalist got that, but hell, they had some catchy tunes! includes extensive liner notes from the ever ready qualye smithers, and download code.

1. bewitched
2. the island
3. on a page of the hymnal
4. the jockey song
5. messed-up
6. the cider inside her insides (trad./unknown)
7. dinner at the den of deception
8. instructions for necromancy
9. mansfield trajedy
10. octopus woman please let me go (dick kent)
11. first rays of a new dawn