hip replacement - "router space : : smashed hits 100"

confused punk / gutter roll spoilage brimming out of the corners of your cassette deck. this is weird. good weird. effortlessly weird...? it combines the true outsider qualities of old home taper misfits like the five starcle men, the shadow ring, cranium, et al, and mixes it into somewhat cohesive song - complete with meta banter, false stops, odd manipulations, and hazy confessions. this might be the sound of now - and maybe i am just out of it - though i like to think i am up on whats going on, and these fuckers make my spindle blow. hope yours blows too. unlimted edition with digital download.

willie the worm (cover) / its ok at the windmill / juice inc. / quick squirm / oppd bill (zapped) kjbhgvf / u got a wok??? / zappen in the brain (ft. little ripple) / paul stretch

tarnado alley (bowling league) / banger 100 / cheese in the can(t) / auto tv dot com / ballad of kevin gardetto (welcome home) / guns or bars / turn it off / gun controlled / willie escapes the whole / no way to think i think / meat / super gloo'd / cgi (competitive growth indent)