the debts
[seven inch lathe cut]

from : the debts, who reside in portland, OR - comes this small limited slabb, which is right off the heels of their renowned split lp ("its goosed up guzzards which hit my difference and make my ham halks stand up so good!!!! - kerry spielman) with dennis callaci. prior to that offering the head cheese cooked up a small single under the moniker "more girls" which stood out like a trench coat in a dark closet. here we see the band reforming in a private setting...and thus you get one nice lonely song which feels akin to a new nursery rhyme, one for the hip heralded! dont you see? then flip it and drink up your toddlers leftovers 20/20 style. this comes in an edtion of 40 copies, cut lovingly out of seattle onto carbonitie. includes 16 page book of various mailings. collaged and junked up. plus 3-color screen printed sleeve you can eat your moore on. also includes digital download.

1. arbitrarium

2. your lonely song