GG - "the wrath of GG"

the mysterious GG (A?) hails from the streets of pittsburgh. he might be upper crust, or he might be dark muck? who knows? his sounds are spacious and bleak, and also veiled in a smokey sub-science. with this - his first offering for unread, he dispels nine songs, and claims "wrath" !!! the songs float from busted keyboard blip and sample to sensible lo-fi guitar dirge, with a catchy hook-line-and-sinker type spell in there too. he conjures up his own ghost while the Ouija board flips over. includes digital download.

1. late night calls
2. kevin would
3. i could have been anything
4. the wrath of gg
5. i dont want to meet you in the bathroom

1. word problems
2. how to great a weary traveller
3. julios lament
4. goodbye!