das torpedoes : "the madness inspiration"

das delivers some real stark and dark memorizing loop play and dirty bird electronic poo poo - its so damn good...it becomes itself in a way, the solid static and hum being brought into the fore. i sometimes wish i knew who i was when chuck was plodding this out in his shit apartment. though i did know i could meet him for a sunday brunch (free) chili - at any downtown bar. das becomes something of a myth, his head hiding (at this time) under spent wine bottles. its black and white and gold all over...the streets were occupied with crack zombies from 24th and levenworth, to 25th and charles. these recordings reflect hard on a time of a man trying to understand and also transmit. damn. the LP collects the entire animal disguise tape of the same name, as well as a bonus song taken from around the same time, off an old unread compilation. edition of 250 copies in pro printed sleeves and co-released with GERTRUDE TAPES. priced for inflation. ($14)

1. act I
2. act II
3. act III

1. act IV
2. act V
3. act VI
4. Waou