c. mcalister - "ive got it good so listen to my sissy music"

brand new goop from charlie and celie who are playing it prefect in the swamps down in south carolina. betwixin art and spazz and illusion to give you 18 great songs of freak-out rawk and boil. a few somber moments flourish but are beaten down by the all encompassing weight of it all. hear all your new favorites gutted out! "i am bi-catch" / "sumac wine" / "labor day" etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. first edition of 100 in screened sleeves with download choad. act fast and get copy of sardine magozine #11&12 - first 5 orders who order from this page, and buy other mcalister goods. dont sleep!

1. ultimate demise
2. hes got it good
3. walking away
4. shes in the new charge
5. i am nothing
6. im ganna wreck everything
7. this is the end of me
8. i am your friend
9. gods cab

1. polluted lagoon
2. labor day
3. i am bi-catch
4. stupid boat names
5. existentialitis overload
6. circus boy
7. jazzor 3 mil.
8. sumac wine
9. wrecked again