jerk : "plack scabbards"

the second unread release from the mysterious jerk. a plodding stream of consciousness effects the tape magnetics and delivers a confounding spectacle of mish-mash audio, herky guitar fake blues, overlapping speech and sound, blown up pop, etc. hold your breath all the way through the graveyard.

1. bundles
2. siroccoa cough
3. sindy lopper
4. that-a-way
5. understicks
6. 2 heads 2 many
7. your tape

1. two heads too manny
2. mineral ridge
3. mt. something or other
4. bees mistakes mees
5. ante/inte/rlude
6. myliss
7. jj & the rr solution 100% elvis cover
8. female bodybuilder (for A)
9. toad donation