ed rooney
[seven inch lathe cut]

after much much relentless quibble and reluctance, ed rooney finally goes through box of tapes to attempt to document his lifes work thus far. an insane amount of handheld tapes, 4 track / 6 track / 8 track tapes, and micro cassette sputter numbered in the 200's. some melted with age, some unlabeled, ALL with little to no information, except maybe date. well, needless to say after documenting 40 or so, giving up was in the cards. so what you get is a good 10 mins culled from about 40 hours. includes 16 page book of notes and documentation, as well as digital download. co-released with KERCHOW! in an edition of 40 copies.

1. ---- / amputated arms / living haze / chum chum chewing / lamp, here, church / here again

2. old tomb / acid burns / jamie & rachel & yas / get off (song for my now dead wife)