corck rot : compilation (3x cassette)

crock rot, unread #201, was presented days before the UNREAD "DUKE OF KNEE" festival of 2017. this compilation was compiled behind my back by fellow friends of unread, and presented as a tribute for my hard work and dedication. i could not be more impressed, or more confused as to why anyone would acknowledge my non-achivements...but thats just myself getting in the way. this is 3 x 90 min cassettes of exclusive songs from basically (most everyone) ever involved with unread. i must say i am impressed with the amount of searching that went into this. (sorry for those who was not contacted - not my fault!) but a tribute tape it is!!! 75 artists? too many to list. includes 30 min "outtro" which i culled from boxes of old tapes, and includes random garble from years and years ago. co-released with ALMOST HALLOWEEN TIME (ITALY) and FLAMING BISCUIT RECORDS (SC) in their own editions. unread produced 50 copies, with screened covers, and 9 page fold out. includes digital download. ($25)

SOLD OUT!!! - copies may still be available from ALMOST HALLOWEEN TIME, OR FLAMING BISCUIT RECORDS??