nathan ma : "lonesome heartland"

nathan ma may be experiencing his growing pains right about now, meaning such as, i believe he is seeing the world with all the pure beauty and excitement it has to offer. something that sadly fades...or does it? im jaded! regardless, ma did not go through the great tape boom of the late 80s and early 90s - the same boom that gave way to the sputtering that may be regurgitating right now these days...(*sigh*)...yet here on "lonesome heartland" the singer takes stay center stage (floor), amidst what i assume is spent cans and resin glops to record a 30 song whopper in true lo-fi fashion. the fazer stays on through most of it, friends walk in and out adding to the song - some of it is not audible, some of it grabs the reigns of true pop acclaim. if anything, this is an opus. a meal of the songwriter finding his grip with what he has to balance in his world. nathan recorded (and records with) many a bands - BIB , PLACES WE SLEPT , THE ROSETTES, etc. but here, hear the downtrodden gut. limited to a "first edition" of 100 silkscreened copies with digital download.