noah sterba : "noah sterba's amerika"

as you sit comfy in your whole foods chair, with your beacon of light whaleing down on you, like a whale flounders for its whole foods bean bag - - ignite a fire that lasts under your skin. this is noah sterba's amerika - a protest album if there ever was one...dont worry, there will be more. a protest to the saints and sinners and gumdrops alike. synth electronics and pure poetry delivers to you the dark american rodeo...a vision, sight seen, sight heard, hear with all its tune gutting up to you. come with digital download and liner notes / poem.

1. versitile, timeless style
2. amerika
3. alberta
4. roland, the solar system
5. midnight's water burning

6. feign transcendence
7. slowly counting down
8. the medical man, mr. brain
9. don't come with me
10. roland, the solar system #2
11. the great motionless light