nutrition fun
[ten inch lathe cut]

for years and years nutrition fun has tread all over unread records carpet, leaving his stains! one of the original collaborators in everything we do, unread needed to put out the new recording on vinyl, even if its real limited. what you get is a collection of acoustic warble and voice, along with the occasional sample and field recording. 12 songs, the majority clocking in around 40 seconds or so. the master of "verse / chorus / end" - this record comes complete with screened covers, lyric sheet, and piece of original art from the artist. limited to 35 copies only. ($20)

1. intro / 2. stephen hero / 3. forest song / 4. some picnic / 5. city special / 6. the meeting house blind / 7. no one to kill

8. lipstick chances / 9. david nance / 10. beaches / 11. parked my car in the yard / 12. st. cecilia / beaches II