church of gravitron - "mass for shut ins"
[2 x cassette]

years in the making, church of gravitron comes through with one of the best opus releases of our time. it chunks up midterms and feelings, it envelopes all the seasons. it envelops YEARS. from the first notes, complete with vocals to the last notes, complete with vocals...the church does give mass. near 2 hours of beauty and harsh corruption. yet it all feels good. like one of them monks chaining and whipping his cream all up. yet, i dont think i should focus on this. the title. it is a mass, but a mass of what? i think it is a reflection on life. this whole recording deals with coming to terms to some degree. atleast to me. your vision are welcome. it open ended i believe, and thus, grant chance and write in.

1. in the company of terror and hallucinations
2. market song
3. 200 flashlights
4. new normans
5. octogenarian march

1. mighty peaking man
2. mass ending / organs
3. pyramids
4. prayer for a battered and aged god