restaurnaut : "and out of the darkness the wolves came, whispering"

main man nick, who runs the fab KERCHOW records imprint releases his latest collection of folky goop pop ummo-goo-goo - - he has retired from the gas station, and though these songs may have morphed from them sorta times, you can feel the ease start to flow out. flutes, banjos, uke, bangos, whats-its - its all there, in a strange sorta cacophony that isnt harsh, but mucho relaxing. strange recording techniques make this all the more enjoyable, there is a otherworldly sorta mix to it all. first edition in screened covers with digital download.

1. fargo
2. el nino
3. airtight grudge
4. can man
5. chinese gardens
6. quicksand
7. world of worry

1. tears of blood
2. let the rain fall hard
3. monday
4. super glue
5. and out of the darkness the wolves came, whispering