mark - "misfits & runts : demos for the shiny greedy 1990-1994"

its been quite a long time since the last mark szabo release. and maybe it will be next year you see something new? who knows? i joked with a friend, and said MARK was dead. he believed me. mark is NOT dead. here is some proof. a grand tape culled from boxes of old material, it is gripping the tall monkey bars. its jumping and crawling. its encompasses alot from a world i am not privy to. but wish i was.

SIDE A : faith in jesus / gideon / no trial / the sidwalk & the moon / yard / the soul of charity / bastards / sad. / serial monogamy / banff / outside you / pyx / primal

SIDE B : base riff / siny, greedy / appalling / want from you / poor ceasar / ...only when i say so! / the perfumed anagram / wont be patient again / well, you asked / much rather sit with my friends / i have my reasons / headrush / anthem of the sovit republic of... / afraid / chant of the F.F.F.B. / wasnt worried (about you at all)