I AM NOT HUMAN - "s/t"

originally released as a cdr back in 1999 on "together we are a doctor" out of portland, OR - this is a vague and mysterious snapshot of a young adrian orange (thanksgiving) recording his near first batch of goo with davos hooker (i am the lake of fire) - hypnotic and spare, dark and crashing, overblown and quickly put to tape, this was on constant rotation at unread HQ for years. over the past decade or so, adrian has come into some health issues, and has disappeared and re-appeared, and i believe is now being looked after. proceeds from this release will be sent to help out with this. we wanted to offer possible art, etc to help boost and peak interest...but never really received word back from adrian. feel free to find this on our bandcamp page, and possibly give more then $5.00 - any extra money will receive gifts from my own hands.