joe kile - "blinding rain and strong winds"

unreads 4th (?) cassette from one of the heartbreakers of the song. new orleans native joe kile gives forth a new cassette of sketch creeping more towards finished product then maybe some of his other outings on unread. maybe not. we cant help but love the simple sparked melodies that kile channels, so much so that joe delivers new song and has to insist its not complete! so heres one of the last collections until maybe someday we see a full "complete & finished" lp of song. for now, let this tide you over. includes digital download.

SIDE A : blue over what we had / never get tired of you / robert / not tonight boys / to, need you so / sad thing

SIDE B : waters boilin / memories of our young love / our love is dead / beans / not worried / the trees / looking for sunshine