caleb fraid - "pickin thru the fuzz"

a collection of fraid hits. all taken from large package sent to me, housing many old doormat tx recordings. i picked thru the fuzz, and came up with this...caleb records everyday, so i mean at some point there may be a box of 500 cassettes for sale. shiiiit. this is the manger to help out your understanding of what caleb does. songs taken from : "sorta besta" / "heavy door" / "fraid aid" / "unheard of" - all pretty hard to find releases on doormat tx, unless you badger the shit out of darryl. till he erupts. in the mean time check out this collection and get prepped.

SIDE A : 35 years / retrace your steps (you can try to) / the nail everything down blues / lite raps / sweet seconds / root in fear / rummage / bryant gumbal / last sting / sport enough

SIDE B : dont let / born breach / yeah high #2 / simple life / noise maker / 3 flat tires / i for tricia / candleland / super cool / animal noises