gus brown - "soda full scrap"

gus brown operates the grand OJC tapes label - a label which includes some of his other recordings under alternative monikers. alot of OJC focuses on odd blip and creek, sound manipulation, etc. with this we see the big huncho take front and center, and delve into song form. an odd calamity of sorts unfolds. descriptive song, but in some loose world. jangly bits turn up, repetitive singing unfolds, its semi dance tunage in a way. its catchy, but maybe you dont know why exactly. this is a new breed of song form. atleast for me. first edition comes in screened sleeve with digital download.

SIDE A : vacation time for the business man / let me rock big time / porch john / grow gone / rutabega recipies / love shack ? / (you're) the plane

SIDE B : marcy darcy / i'm so fly / seaciest to spill / wrong question / 2 cents / big blonde man