the bruces

Alex McManus, veteran guitarist for Lambchop and Vic Chesnutt released a series of scarce singer-songwriter indie rock albums under the name The Bruces in the 90's and early 2000's before taking an extended hiatus from music to migrate to Canada and raise a family. Known primarily for his song, "I Woke Up With This Song In My Head This Morning," which was covered by Bright Eyes on their Lau EP in 2004, his albums on Sing, Eunuchs! and Misra are gorgeous testaments to wholly personal pop songwriting which undoubtedly influenced the younger Conor Oberst as well as other songwriters lucky enough to stumble upon his difficult to find albums.

McManus' first new album in fourteen years is an infectious collection of cover songs by close friend and fellow underground songwriter, Simon Joyner, lovingly reinterpreted and rearranged to sound like would-be hits in another universe. You may recognize the titles on "Thieves In The Wick" as old Joyner songs but they sound entirely new in the hands of the unmistakable, unsinkable Bruces. Limited edition vinyl-only pressing of 300 in screen-printed jackets. CO-RELEASED WITH : KERCHOW / GRAPEFRUIT & JACKSON STREET BOOKSELLERS. ($14)

1. You Don't Know Me / 2. Sean Foley's Blues / 3. Under My Skin / 4. One For The Catholic Girls

5. Three Well Aimed Arrows / 6. Flying Dreams / 7. Here Come The Balloons / 8. Disappear From Here