mike piss - "you can just tell by the look on my face"

mike piss (aka kevin oliver) is a sing-sogggging troubadour embracing himself with nature on this new collection of short sing-a-longs. swamp trudging, moon howling, bird watching,etc. capturing the breeze real easy with quick bass line, electric swizzle and simple keyboard moaning...fleeting guests appear here and there to blow horn o plenty, and bang animal skin for a quick pop tune or two to round out this grand collection. unlimited release, including digital download.

1. hold you dear
2. dirt of the earth
3. rare sun
4. moon photographer
5. 2close4love
6. pathways to freedom
7. kleenex

8. jeans on
9. acid vat
10. so slow
11. i got saved
12. dirt of the earth II
13. some dreams
14. wamp banana