reid - "carrie blast funishings"

the song is out there, and it leaks and spurts in unlikely places...maybe. i met ried in pittsburgh through a mutual friend, and my life changed. reid is the every-person. and the singing and musical abilities run high. but like most, ried is a dodger. a run of the mill, no reason for thought or praise sorta folk. reid tries to brush off whats coming towards him. and i dont blame, in anyway. life is a pursuit. with this release we see a collection of 11 heartfelt songs. ballads and jaunt. recorded semi adept onto handheld. dubbed over old tape. its for you, belive me.

1. dry mouth dawn
2. the archive (infinite turns)
3. letter g
4. sisters of the fountain
5. swissvale samba

6. sophia
7. comforter
8. salinger christhead
9. space whales
10. screaming trains
11. reel of lies