jerk - "colors"

jerk is a longtime hometaper, who has been a traveling around mostly in the pacific northwest. i met him back at yo-yo-a-go-go in 1998 or so. he sold me a LP of jerk material that baffled my mind for years and years, and i am glad to have found him again, and to be back in touch, because jerk still releases legacy recordings. with this, the third proper unread release he steps up the collage field and buries your mind in semi-hyptno garbage bin. there are some acoustic songs splattered throughout, but this also encompasses some "hard listening" - in the best sorta way! gear up for a formal mind meld. this sits good on the hood.

1. i grew so many times this years my tailnose moved to fast
2. ryvfwer
3. skidesskoffly
4. diode to joy
5. dont touchy my puppy
6. mayjor impressias

7. underimpressions
8. a waste of honey
9. burn a can'a'toona
10. blazesbkc
11. the on the way on
12. red imps fin ya luck ilkmar
13. pickickles