caleb fraid - "some gave none"

long overdue cassette from the ever triumphant caleb fraid. originally slated for 2014 or so, it finally arrives, and boy oh boy. enclosed with the master cassette was over 1,000 drawings on chick-fil-a napkins and notebook paper. this was said to be a part of this release. unread diligently took 5 hours to xerox all drawings ontop of one another and create 5 large "fold outs" which are included in this package. the songs themselves sing! frogs are present. worry is around the corner. fear is destroyed. kelly...well, who knows? this package includes the full length tape enclosed in double cassette norelco box, with screenprinted covers and 5 large double sided foldouts via vessel #2. limited on various colored paper that was laying around to a first edition of about 60. also includes digital download.

1. dinner bell
2. moon frogs
3. extra dimensional song
4. baby frog
5. ?nervous system?
6. sophisticates
7. boo hoo
8. cranks
10. preacher boy

11. alarm clock
12. nite life (instrumental)
13. good mrgn
14. general direction of a good day
15. room with a view
17. kelly at the bank
18. beebeards ghost
19. this great love