c. worth - "three sentimental scenes"
[lathe cut seven inch]

three sentimental scenes, by c. worth collects a few songs that were somewhat lost over the years, yet definitely feel good and at home together on this one sided lathe cut. spacious a breathing guitar instrumentals, in quick form - but of a lasting quality. late nights on the porch at dusk without a care in the world. this is how we should find ourselves. limited one sided lathe cut, with screened b-side in an edition of only 40 copies. comes with digital download.

1. still my girl
2. hello, baby
3. goodbye, friend


C. Worth is thinking deep somewhere. From our infinitesimal presence in the cosmos to the connection this holds with everything, a vast spectrum for the conscious to continually explore. C. Worth has traveled somewhere within these loosely described bounds and brought back something precious. Emotion fueled by new perspectives, realization of presence and strong memories, all connected and woven into the tapestry we perceive. Passions glow with vibrant energy, the source of transformation into sonic articulation.

Titled "Three Sentimental Scenes", a composition of ethereal guitar pieces, curated from recordings in time gone by. Beautiful and brief, C. Worth elicits welcoming tones for listener's thoughts to expand upon. Track titles reflecting the overall sentimentality, "Still My Girl", "Hello, Baby" and "Goodbye, Friend". Each selection quickly passing like daydreams in awakened state.

Issued by Unread Records & Tapes on a single sided lathe cut disc. Artwork screen printed on the non played side. Housed with printed card stock in a heavy vinyl sleeve. Only forty of these were cut. This is #243 on Unread Records & Tapes, there is so much to explore on this Pittsburgh label, start here and make sure you have some time. - LOST IN A SEA OF SOUND